Crafty critters – DIY day collar

So the other day I was deep in the black hole of the instagram pet community and I saw this Naturally I absolutly had to make a day collar with a little bell and I thought to myself Make it into a cradty critters tutorial!!! So lets get started! Making the collar All you willContinue reading “Crafty critters – DIY day collar”

Pet Play – Building a dynamic

A introduction to building a dynamic with new play partners

Crafty Critters – No-sew Clip in Bows!

An easy DIY project for any pet to enjoy wearing and making! Instructions First: Gather your supplies! For a set of two bows you will need: Hot Glue gun and extra glue sticks Measuring tape or ruler 1.25 meters of ribbon (the ribbon I am using is 4 cm wide) A lighter Hair clips ScissorsContinue reading “Crafty Critters – No-sew Clip in Bows!”

Begginers Guide to Pet Play – Finding your pet side

When I first started in pet play I was overwhelmed with all of the information out there From choosing animals to roleplay to developing fully functional dynamics with others and all the little details in between… Pet Play can be intimidating. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed – it’s okay! I was exactly whereContinue reading “Begginers Guide to Pet Play – Finding your pet side”

What is Pet Play?

Pet Play is when someone role plays some kind of domesticated animal (AKA a pet) within a BDSM context. What does Pet play looks like? Storytime! The room is lit with a warm yellow glow, the smell of vanilla – His signature – drifts through the room.The door opens a crack and His pet slipsContinue reading “What is Pet Play?”

Why do people enjoy Animal Roleplay? Part 2 – Psychology

Welcome to Part 2 of Why people enjoy Animal Roleplay! In Part 1 we went through some common reasons people enjoy Animal Roleplay and BDSM.  If you haven’t read Part 1 you can find it below; In Part 2 we are going to go through some common ways people enjoy Animal Roleplay including; RemovalContinue reading “Why do people enjoy Animal Roleplay? Part 2 – Psychology”

What is Animal Roleplay?

Last night I was at a play party, chatting to a lovely newbie and she asked me a question “Lil Succubuss, what is animal roleplay exactly?” “Animal Roleplay is a type of roleplay where a person will take on the role, behaviours and characteristics of an animal I’ll send you some links!” Well – IContinue reading “What is Animal Roleplay?”