Misconceptions about Animal Roleplay

Like most subcultures out there Animal Roleplay has a TON of random misconceptions about it.  This can be really frustrating when you are trying to explain your (or understand someone else’s) love of Animal Roleplay! It can be stressful enough coming out of the cattery (haha) to people in your life without having to goContinue reading “Misconceptions about Animal Roleplay”

Why do people enjoy Animal Roleplay? Part 2 – Psychology

Welcome to Part 2 of Why people enjoy Animal Roleplay! In Part 1 we went through some common reasons people enjoy Animal Roleplay and BDSM.  If you haven’t read Part 1 you can find it below; https://animal-role-play.com/2020/01/20/why-do-people-enjoy-animal-roleplay-part-1-kink-and-bdsm/ In Part 2 we are going to go through some common ways people enjoy Animal Roleplay including; RemovalContinue reading “Why do people enjoy Animal Roleplay? Part 2 – Psychology”

Why Do people Enjoy Animal Roleplay – Part 1 Kink and BDSM

Have you ever tried explaining to someone why you enjoy Animal Roleplay so much?  I don’t know about you but when I try it doesn’t really work out that well  This is usually caused by 2 issues; 1 – I get over excited and end up confusing people because I don’t finish my sentences andContinue reading “Why Do people Enjoy Animal Roleplay – Part 1 Kink and BDSM”

What is Animal Roleplay?

Last night I was at a play party, chatting to a lovely newbie and she asked me a question “Lil Succubuss, what is animal roleplay exactly?” “Animal Roleplay is a type of roleplay where a person will take on the role, behaviours and characteristics of an animal I’ll send you some links!” Well – IContinue reading “What is Animal Roleplay?”

Lil Succubuss: The Origin Story

Hi there! I’m Lil Succubuss. Welcome to my first blog post! I better give you some back story of how I came to be here.. Once upon a time… About 3(?) years ago I attended my first munch (an informal gathering for kinksters) It was life changing You see growing up i never grew outContinue reading “Lil Succubuss: The Origin Story”