Pet Play – Building a dynamic

Types of common dynamics and relationships in Pet Play





Pet sitters/Pet

All of these dynamics are between a human and a human pet.

The differences are subtle and usually confusing but mainly center around;

A) The relationship style 

B) The term people like

C) The focus or goal within the pet play dynamic


This dynamic is what I like to call a Pet/Pet dynamic. 

If you and your partner/s are pets or animal roleplayers this can be a great 

dynamic to play with. 

This dynamic can exist alongside the human/pet dynamics (depending on your 

relationship/s and dynamics within those)

Published by Lil Succubuss

Hi! I'm Lil Succubuss Since I can remember I have loved role playing as a cat. When I first joined the local BDSM scene I discovered Animal Role play and it honestly felt like home! 3 years later and I have only barely scratched the surface of what Animal Role play can be! Now I want to start sharing what I have learnt about Animal Role play and BDSM So, at the very least, I can organize my thoughts and hopefully make navigating the world of Animal Roleplay a bit easier for readers like you!

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