Animal Roleplay and BDSM

Okay, so I’ve rewritten this post about 5 times. I knew trying to write about BDSM and animal roleplay would be a challenge. But hey I was feeling cocky and up for a challenge!


… I’m not feeling cocky anymore…

This is a ridiculously confusing topic and I didn’t realize how little I knew and how much controversy was out there. I was so busy trying to write the “correct” opinion that I wasn’t getting anything down on the page! 

So instead of trying to write the correct opinion. 

I’m just going to write about my opinion and ideas – on a few core ideas – from the experiences and chats that I have had with other animal role players.

Which will probably be Revisited and changed.. a lot.. 

So take what you will from this and I’d love to hear your opinions too!

The core ideas I wanted to cover are; 

  • The definitions of BDSM fetish and kink 
  • The types of animal roleplay that (in my opionion) can only occur in a BDSM context
  • If other forms of animal roleplay can be BDSM/kink/fetish activities and when. 
  • Adding elements of BDSM to your animal roleplay 
  • How to tell if someone’s animal roleplay is kinky or not 

Definitions of BDSM kink and fetish 

So I’m not going to lie, I went through a whole bunch of kink sites and mashed all of their definitions together. 

BDSM – any activities involving bondage, discipline, dominance submission, sadism or Masochism. 

Fetish – a sexual interest in an object, clothing, part of the body (excluding the obvious) or lets be real, pretty much anything.

Kink – any non conventional sexual fantasies or concepts.

BDSM only animal roleplay (platinum VIP card required)

So this is where things tend to get a bit blurry. 

There are lots of areas for discussion for this topic.

It mainly seems centered around forms of animal roleplay being sexual or non sexual, what ‘real’ BDSM is animal roleplay, why certain kinds of animal roleplay can only occur in a BDSM setting and

I am getting off topic..

Instead of trying to make sense of all these ideas and confusing myself.

I’m just going to give you my opinion on what constitutes and BDSM animal roleplay and why I think that. 

And if your keen you can do some more research or share your opinion in the comments! 

So in my head there are two main forms of BDSM animal roleplay. 

Primal play and pet play 

Primal play is when you let your base desires and instincts run the show. In my experience this usually comes out in a very physical way.

Often there is a physical fight for dominance over the other party or the take down and capture of another primal player (most often these players are called primal prey).

This is power exchange which as you know from the definition above is one of three aspects within BDSM.

The physical nature of primal play also tends to hurt. Its common to hurt others or hurt yourself in the process of wrestling your opponent or capturing your opponent;

Primal play isn’t typically known for being gentle.

Which brings in the aspect of sadism/masochism to most primal play scenes ive wittnessed.

And it’s for these reasons that I think primal play can only occur in BDSM. 

Pet play is when you take on the role of a pet – regardless of the animal you choose to roleplay.

The history of pet play is firmly rooted with BDSM. The first images of pet play were published were of Pony players all the way back in 1946!

I’ve been waiting all year to use that fact in a post!!!

Pony Play is also great example of how pet play involves many aspects of BDSM.

The tack worn by Pony players is a form of bondage, crops often used in training are discipline, sadism/masochism.

Having a Trainer, Owner, Rider, Groomer or human partner in this kind of  scene would be a form of power exchange or dominance/submission.

You can look at much any kind of pet play out there and see the aspects of BDSM within the activities. 

Adding BDSM into your animal roleplay 

I’m not gonna tell you step by step how to do this as everybody is difference


I highly HIGHLY recommended you do your research and talk to your partner (if you have one) like, A LOT.

Negotiating is key in both Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Safe Sane and Consensual BDSM.

Plus it will make sure you both have the most fun possible!

Some Ideas


  • Collars and leashes 
  • Mitts
  • Rope 
  • Hoods


Usually this will involve some form of rules/expectations or restrictions during your scene and is implemented if they aren’t not met, have been broken or “broken” (aka punishments). Some tools for this can be

  • Spray bottles 
  • Crops
  • Newspapers
  • Spankings
  • Being tied to a post (like a time out for pets)


  • Power dynamic – alpha/omega prey/predator
  • Rules and expectations of behavior 
  • Sit stay speak commands 
  • Training for tricks or positions (rewards in the form of snacks or attention are highly encouraged)
  • Having a trainer/owner etc is a power exchange because they are human and in that scene have a greater level of control over the role player
  • Restrictions on the s-type like movement,vocalizations, eye contact


  • Impact – pony play training with crops can be soft or sadistic. Impact can often be seen in dark pet play scenes.
  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Wrestling

How to tell if someones animal roleplay is BDSM/kinky

This one isn’t a trick question but can still be really hard to do. 

Ask them!

Keep in mind screaming “HEY ARE YOU INTO KINK” across the street at someone wearing ears isn’t gonna be the most appropriate way to go about asking..

You will probably only come across BDSM animal roleplay at kink events/parties/dungeons/shows etc.

If you are unsure, curious and know them a little more than a total stranger ask (in a polite way!)

Some links for the geeky

Thanks for reading!


Published by Lil Succubuss

Hi! I'm Lil Succubuss Since I can remember I have loved role playing as a cat. When I first joined the local BDSM scene I discovered Animal Role play and it honestly felt like home! 3 years later and I have only barely scratched the surface of what Animal Role play can be! Now I want to start sharing what I have learnt about Animal Role play and BDSM So, at the very least, I can organize my thoughts and hopefully make navigating the world of Animal Roleplay a bit easier for readers like you!

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